Susan Sharpe

Complementary Health


What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a science which is based on the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to every part of the body. Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers on these reflex areas, which can help to relieve stress and tension, and so rebalance the system.

Which ailments can it help?

Reflexology may be used to provide relief from symptoms of a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Please call me to discuss if you are unsure whether your particular symptoms can be treated.

Reflexology is an extremely effective therapy in cases of stress, tension and tiredness. Reflexology promotes relaxation, improves mood, aids sleep, helps relieve tension and creates a sense of well-being.

The history of reflexology

Reflexology is believed to have it's roots in the ancient civilisations of India and China over 5000 years ago. There is also evidence that it may have been used by the ancient Egyptians, after a tomb painting was discovered showing one person being treated with foot massage and another with hand massage.