Susan Sharpe

Complementary Health

ICHF Healing

Susan is a member and registered healer/practitioner of the International Church and Healing Fellowship (ICHF).

The ICHF is a reputable healing organisation and charity, which has a number of groups and clinics around the country, who volunteer to support the work of the well-known spiritual healer, Ray Brown. Paul, a spiritual surgeon, works through Ray in a unique form of trance mediumship, which they have developed over 45 years. Paul has treated thousands of people over the years, in Britain and abroad.

After treatment at a clinic, Paul will recommend ‘back up healing’ if there is an individual or group who lives near to the patient.

Susan offers ‘back up’ healing in Ely. The healing takes a very short amount of time (4 minutes), and is offered free of charge or on a small donation basis.

If you wish to know more about Ray Brown and Paul please visit the website

For more information about the ICHF please visit their website