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Susan Sharpe

Complementary Health

23 years experience

Coronavirus – March 2020

Following government guidelines I am unable to offer face-to-face treatments until further notice. I am, however, able to offer distance (or absent) Reiki healing treatments for clients who need healing and support at this difficult time.

Reiki distance healing

Distance healing invokes a sacred symbol which enables someone to give a Reiki treatment beyond the limitations of time and space, with the same benefits for a client as a session given in person. Benefits reported include a reduction in stress and anxiety, increased energy, ease from pain, and a feeling of well-being. Reiki adapts to the natural needs of the recipient and balances the energies of the body.

I am offering Reiki distance healing sessions for a suggested fee of £15. An exchange of some sort could also be arranged.

Sessions can be given by phone, to include a short consultation and treatment. Appointments can be booked by phone or email.

I am offering Reiki distance healing on Thursday 9th April at 7.30pm (free of charge).

Please send me your name or the name of a loved one if you would like to be added to this healing list.

I am an experienced Reflexology practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher based in Ely, near Cambridge.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I have worked as a complementary health practitioner for 23 years and have helped many people on their journey to well-being.

I hope you find the information and answers to your questions
in these pages, but you are very welcome to contact me to
enquire further.

Treatment Fees 2019–2020

Reflexology    £30
Reiki   £30

A discount is available for a course of six reflexology or six Reiki treatments. Please see Fees page for more details.

Contact details

Susan Sharpe MBRCP (Ref) MICHF
Telephone: Ely (01353) 669758
Susan Sharpe
Member of British Register of Complementary Practitioners (Reflexology Division)

Reiki Angels!

Take a look at my Reiki Angels page. Available to buy, beautifully hand carved crystal angels, that have been selected, cleansed and charged individually with Reiki healing energy.


I offer both Reflexology and Reiki treatments, and also combined treatments, as these two therapies complement each other extremely well and can greatly enhance the benefits gained from a session.

These therapies can be used safely with other treatments, including orthodox medicine. They are considered complementary to, but do not replace, the diagnosis and medical care given by your doctor.

Susan's downstairs treatment room

Susan's ground-floor treatment room.

Learning Reiki

Anyone can learn this gentle healing therapy, which can be used for yourself and others. Regular Reiki courses take place in Ely. The first level (Reiki First Degree) takes place over two consecutive days, the next level (Reiki Second Degree) is a one day course, and the final level (Reiki Master/Teacher) is specifically tailored to the individual student. Susan has been running regular Reiki courses since 2002.

Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) Code

As from 1st March 2011, all marketing communications (including websites) are regulated by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). This means that it is no longer possible to say what we can help with, only that we might help and we cannot refer to anything that is a medical condition. I would advise you, therefore, to e-mail me or telephone with any questions you might have.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers can be bought with a year expiry date, but this date can be extended as necessary. These make lovely presents as shopping becomes more difficult.

A reflexology treatment Gift Voucher - £30

A Reiki treatment Gift voucher - £30

A Reiki distance healing treatment Gift Voucher £15

Do feel free to email or phone me for more details.